Sikeston PE Coach serenades students during lunch

Sikeston's P.E. teacher sings

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - Singing loud for all to hear. That’s the way on Heartland teacher is spreading Christmas cheer.

“Singing has, I mean it’s done so much for me, like through hard times, it’s gotten me through, whether it’s writing or just singing songs," said Pershard Owens, a PE Coach at Southeast Elementary in Sikeston.

Singing is Owen’s passion, one that’s not so secret to his fourth grade students anyone.

“They were extremely shocked the first time, because they’ve never really heard me sing before," said Owens.

Now, the PE Coach serenades students during lunch.

“The reaction on the fourth graders faces, I was just watching them all, and they were just in awe and just shocked.” said Beth Denning, Title Reading Assistant at Southeast Elementary.

“I’ve never heard anyone sing that good," said Sabrina Deckard, a fourth grader.

“It’s a good feeling, because I never know who, what kid is sitting there and if they want to do the same thin,” said Owens.

“I’ve always wanted to sing, but I’ve never actually thought that I could be able to do it, but now that he sings, I know that I could try and sing,” said Deckard.

That’s just one message Owens hopes to spread through his lunchtime entertainment.

“I’m just trying to be myself, and I want to encourage the kids to do that as well. To anybody who looks different or feels different, singing has been my outlet, and I want them to know that it can be the same outlet for me that it is for them,” said Owens.

“I think they will remember it for the rest of their lives, and I think he’s made a big impact on several of the students,” said Denning.

Owens said he plans to sing for students during lunch in the future as long as them want him to do so.

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