Holiday decorations can be dangerous for pets

Your pets and poinsettias

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The holidays are always a great time to get together with family, but when some of those members have four legs and a tail, you may want to deck the halls with caution.

For Brodie the Holiday season is just another time to get into the things he’s not supposed to.

“He’s a puppy, he is going to get into stuff,” said Emily Beck, owner

Beck said this year things will be a little different.

“So this year we don’t have things like that in the house because I don’t trust him not to get into to them and I don’t have a safe place to put a poinsettia or things like that,” she said.

Finding a safe place for dangerous holiday plants and decorations is key, said St. Francis Animal Rescue President Diane Daugherty.

“So you wanna keep them up and outta the way, so they don’t eat any of the leaves or any of the stems,” said Daugherty.

But, Poinsettias aren't the only seasonal additions you need to watch out for. One animal medical group also points to tinsel, ornaments, electric lights and trees.

Beck said her Christmas tree is still up, just a little bare.

“One of the things I’ve had to figure out is he loves the Christmas tree, so I’ve made sure this year not to use any of the metal hooks on the Christmas tree,” she said,

With the holiday season, there’s lots of good food, another area of concern for Beck and Brodie.

“He likes to counter surf also, so cooking for the holidays has been a little tricky because every time I turn my back he is jumping up and trying to snag stuff off the counter,” said Beck.

She said even though Brodie may not be able to get his paws into the decorations, Santa will still drop off a few presents.

“The dogs get all of the gifts,” said Beck.

For more information on what you should keep your pet away from, go to the American Veterinary Medical Associations website.

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