Pink Up: Southern Illinois man beats brain and lung cancer

Pink-up: Jim Moore

(KFVS) - “And she said you also have the most deadly aggressive cancer you can have. She said you’re dead and you’re never going to go home again," explained Jim Moore.

These shocking words from one hospital led to doors opening at another.

A Cobden man said after his cancer diagnosis he thought his life was over, but thanks to his church and good doctors he lived to tell his story.

Jim Moore said he realized he was slowly losing weight, but he credited it to working out. He had no idea anything major was wrong until he passed out at home in April 2015.

“I went to the ER at one of the local hospitals and she checked me out and she said you have brain cancer, which was like I got slapped in the face," said Jim. “They put me in an ambulance and sent me to Saint Francis in Cape Girardeau.”

Jim needed brain surgery. Jim said they cut the back of his head open to remove a golf ball-sized tumor. The surgery was a success, but his fight for life was just beginning.

“My doctor said you had brain cancer; in your case it came from another part of your body and in your case it came from lung and it is in stage 4 cancer,” explained Jim. “She said you have the most deadly aggressive cancer you can have but chemo can destroy it, I guarantee it, and that was the first piece of hope I had heard.”

Best friend, Charles Stewart, said he’s never seen anything quite like Jim’s faith.

Pink up: Jim Moore part 2

“For unknown reason, Jim from the very beginning has shown faith that I can’t believe how he handled it from day one from all the treatments and back and forth from the hospital," said Charles. “He just said this is God’s will and whatever will happen will happen.”

Ironically, Jim followed his faith back into the doors at First Baptist Church Cobden just three months before he was diagnosed with cancer. Little did he know the community here would be instrumental in saving his life.

“I told my friends, ‘let’s approach this with a prayer and a smile,’” said Jim. “Some days those are awful hard. Chemo really affects you, it brings you down.”

But there was always someone there to pick him up both mentally and physically.

“The church where I belong to, they really stepped up and made sure I was getting to Saint Francis everyday,” said Jim.

“The thing about being a family of faith, and a pastor in a church, we enter into one another’s difficulties so nobody has to do it alone,” explained Ed Falgout, Pastor at First Baptist Church Cobden.

Jim said he would have never been able to beat cancer without their help. He is happy to report that he has been cancer free since 2015.

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