New dispatch system, training saving lives in Stoddard County, Mo.

Updated: Dec. 10, 2019 at 11:10 PM CST
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STODDARD COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - 2019 has been a record year for first responders in Stoddard County who are earning more awards for saving lives.

Their success is in part thanks to new technology and training involved with the launch of a Computer Aided Dispatch system in the county.

This year new tax revenue allowed Stoddard County 911 services to switch over to the CAD system run by Zuecher Technologies.

911 Administrator Carole Moreland said more than a dozen agencies in the county including EMS, law enforcement and fire departments are using some form of the mapping system.

Deputy Ryan Vincent, a new recruit to the Stoddard County Sheriff’s Office, believes the new communication system makes his job easier and helped him save the life of 50-year-old man who fell and hit his head in August.

“When I arrived on scene the patient was lying on their back.," Vincent said. "I’ve responded to numerous call and different incidents. I’m not going to lie this one made me nervous. He was unresponsive. His skin was turning white. He wasn’t breathing.”

Using the new technology dispatchers and Deputy Vincent knew he was the closest so the accident, so he rushed to the scene with paramedics to start chest compressions.

“And I was able to help out the EMS to save that patients life," Vincent said. "It was an awesome feeling and we wouldn’t have been able to do anything without each other. If it was not with the proper communication and the bond that we have together.”

Director David Cooper with Stoddard County Ambulance District said they can still talk with dispatch using their radio system, but now emergency responders also have the unified communication system which uses laptops and cell phone apps.

“Our response times have shortened," Cooper said. "We’re able to have better information now then what we had in the past. We’re able to pinpoint calls a little bit better. More people are involved in the calls. It’s made a huge difference. Time saves lives and because of the system we’re able, I believe, to reach people and save more people. That is the ultimate goal. ”

This year a record number of “Star of Life” awards have been given to first responders in Stoddard County including to Deputy Vincent.

“It was an honor," Vincent said. "It’s an accomplishment every person that is in law enforcement or in the medical field is to be able to save a life and make a difference.”

The 50-year-old man who fell has made a full recovery and Vincent said he was back on his feet a week after the accident as if it never happened.

Beside Vincent EMT Micheal Pulley, paramedic Skylar Travis, and dispatcher Matt Glassmeyer also recieved “Star of Life” awards on Saturday December 7 for their life saving actions.

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