Columbia Public Schools unable to prove allegations against Jackson

Updated: Dec. 10, 2019 at 9:04 PM CST
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JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - Based on a complete investigation, Columbia Public Schools is unable prove the allegations against Jackson R-I.

On September 27, Battle High School traveled to Jackson R‐2 School District for a varsity football game.

In post‐game reports and on social media, allegations were made by the Columbia school about the Battle locker room being vandalized during the game, and Jackson’s alleged improper conduct surrounding the game.

With the cooperation of Jackson R‐2, Columbia Public Schools conducted an investigation into the matter.

“We appreciate the thorough investigation of Columbia Public Schools that confirms no evidence of the accounts or allegations made against the Jackson R-2 School District regarding the events that reportedly took place during the game against Battle High School," stated Dr. John Link, superintendent of the Jackson R-2 School District. "The Jackson R-2 School District takes pride in being good hosts for visitors to our community.”

Columbia Public Schools administrators reviewed around seven hours of video footage from 14 different camera angles multiple times.

This included views from multiple locker room entry points, the football field, the stands, the concession area, the parking lot and road entry points.

Because some of the videos do not have audio, the district interviewed and took statements from people present at the game.

In regards to the locker room being vandalized, during the 9 minute time frame, no unauthorized individuals entered or exited the locker room.

The district reviewed video from the main entrance and the rear alternate entrances.

A Battle administrator had several photos of the locker room. They include photos of player duffel bags and a photo of a locker door.

The door appeared to have come off the hinges.

In the photo, the screws for the locker door are placed neatly on the edge of the locker and the items in the locker are folded and appear to be undisturbed.

There is also video of the locker room and locker room restrooms post game.

It shows the Battle football team left the locker room clean and in good condition.

Around eight law enforcement officers, a Jackson administrator and the custodian were present near the locker room post game.

Columbia is unable to prove reports regarding comments made by Jackson fans toward cheerleaders.

When reviewing of the footage of the cheerleaders, they found only two interactions between cheerleaders and Jackson fans.

The first interaction, a young boy touches the hair bow of a cheerleader while walking past.

The second interaction, another young boy accidentally bumps in to a cheerleader while he is walking backward.

The boy turns and appears to apologize for bumping in to her.

During the game, cheerleaders visited the concession stand, the restroom, but otherwise remained on the field, where they are separated by a fence from the stands.

Battle High School coaches have communicated directly with the officiating crew from the game to gain a better understanding of what occurred on the field and have resolved the matter.

No official reports have been filed with MSHSAA regarding player, coach, referee or fan conduct during the game.

The completed investigation has now been turned over to the school district’s Human Resources Department as a personnel matter.

Personnel matters are not public by law and no additional comment will be available.

Individual student information is subject to federal student privacy law and is also considered closed.

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