Bug expert offers tips on how to prevent, get rid of bedbugs

Tips to get rid of bedbugs

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Bedbugs made their way into a few Heartland schools, but one Heartland bug expert said anyone can bring a bed bug home and it’s not a matter of cleanliness.

Bug Zero Office Manager Lexie Arnzen said bedbugs don’t care where they land.

“That’s the biggest thing i hear somebody is embarrassed, they feel dirty. The biggest thing I tell them, ‘hey it’s okay, they’re not a clean, they’re not a status. They’re not going to be for or against you depending on your status,’” she said.

Arnzen said if you think you or your kids are around bedbugs, just do a quick check.

“Always flipping up the sheets and looking in these areas here along the bed,” she said.

Also, Arnzen reminded parents to think about the toys their children play with.

“If this [teddy bear] goes with baby when we go travelling and it gets all over the bed, the best thing you want to do when you get home is run it through the dryer to make certain that there’s nothing that’s gotten on it,” she said.

She said before spending the money on an expert, try throwing your stuff in a dryer on the highest heat.

“The quickest method, get it started in the dryer, 30 minutes and anything that’s on there will won’t survive,” Arnzen said.

A Heartland environmental specialist said bedbugs are everywhere.

“You can pick them up at hotels, even in clothing departments we’ve heard stories about that so they are easily transmitted,” specialist Natalie Govreau said.

Arnzen said if you aren’t able to get rid of them yourselves, an exterminator will do the trick.

“The most effective treatment that we have is the heat treatment, thermal remediation. Typically, the best thing is that it gets the room up to 122 degrees. We hold it there for several hours. We use computerized sensing to make sure even the coldest parts of the room get to that temperature,” she said.

Arnzen urged people to stay away from bed bug bombs or any other shelf items that you could buy from the store. She said this could only make it worse.

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