Weather changes delaying outside jobs

Weather delays outdoor jobs

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - At a time of year when holiday songs describe dashing through the snow, many of us are slogging through the mud.

All the rain we’ve gotten, combined with several freezes and thaws, have added weeks and even months to many outdoor projects.

Dave Willingham owns Willingham Outdoor a landscaping business.

“We’re very behind,” he said.

He said his current project in Cape Girardeau County would normally take him a week to finish, but it’s going on two months.

“We thought we’d show up, and we’re pumped, we’re ready to knock this project out and get things situated for our customer and then we arrive, it’s still slimy and greasy,” he said.

Willingham said all the rain and cold weather means a backlog of projects. He said this is not normal for this time of year.

"We should be starting to slow down and taking it slow for the winter," he said.

“This will be a two-and-half month project but we’re three weeks behind.”

Chad Henry, the owner of Henry Remodeling, said he couldn't start on his part of this home project until the other contractors finished their part.

“You have a lot of subcontractors in remodeling, so coordinating that with the weather is difficult,” Henry said.

Christine Jaggers owns the home Henry is working on.

“It’s not the builder’s fault,” Jagger said.

She said they hoped to have their deck built for Thanksgiving.

“It’s definitely been challenging because, you know, you can’t plan for it at all. You think things are going to be ready but Mother Nature does what it does,” she said.

Willingham said in this line of work it's just best to have patience.

"In an outdoor business the name of the game is adaptability, so we just work with it," he said.

He hopes to wrap up his project by next week, weather permitting.

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