Second bed bug found at Jonesboro Elementary School

Second bed bug found at Jonesboro Elementary School
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JONESBORO, Ill. (KFVS) - A second bed bug was discovered at Jonesboro Elementary School on Monday, Dec. 9.

According to Superintendent Kevin Westall, only one bed bug was found at the school and they are currently taking action on the matter.

Again, Westall wants to squash any rumors by saying there is “No outbreak” of bed bugs at the school.

Westall said the insect was brought into the school.

The superintendent and the school board are in discussions on addressing the source of the bed bugs.

It will be one of the topics at a board meeting on Thursday, Dec. 12.

Westall said he and the board are working on a plan to help benefit everyone in the district.

This is the third bed bug report this school year.

The first report was on Oct. 31 and the second was on Friday, Dec. 6.

Westall said the bug was found near a student on the floor.

An exterminator was called in each instance to the school to spray for the pests and to address the issue proactively as a precaution.

The exterminator told Westall the bed bug was brought into the school and that the school does not have an infestation.

On the second report, students were sent home with a letter to their parents to inform them about the discovery of the bed bug.

Westall said he has learned from exterminators that bed bug reports at schools are on the rise.

In late November, Marion and Harrisburg schools also addressed bed bug issues.

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