FEMA visits Grand Tower to assess flood damage

Site inspections further the process to receive federal funding

FEMA visits Grand Tower, Ill.

GRAND TOWER, Ill. (KFVS) - Federal Emergency Management Agency visited Grand Tower on Tuesday morning, December 3 to assess the damage from the 2019 Flood.

The Grand Tower community hopes the rebuilding process can soon begin.

The FEMA crews spent the morning walking the streets in the town, inspecting the sites to put together a damage inventory report.

The official incident period is from February to July. In June, a 6-foot deep sinkhole formed at the corner of Front Street and Market Street.

Every day for the last nine months, Grand Tower’s fire chief and city workers deal with problems.

It is estimated Grand Tower has nearly $4 million in estimated damage, which includes replacing the storm drain, replacing the water mains and fixing the roads with sinkholes and more.

“We go by it every day, we talk about it every day, so we are not going to forget about it by no means,” Wright said.

The problem can’t be fixed until the city gets needed financial help from the federal government.

FEMA’s program delivery manager, Annette Harper, said FEMA will reimburse the city for 75 percent of its flood losses.

“We are here to help the community recover,” she said.

Harper, along with the site inspector, said they want to help the community get back on their feet.

“We are working fast and furiously to come up with a process that allows them to recover,” she said. “It’s difficult to come up with a specific timeline, but our goal is to get this money to the applicants as quickly as possibly can.”

Wright said for the holidays, he simply wishes that check to be in the mail.

“Hopefully we are getting closer to getting that check, to get this stuff fixed," he said. "Hopefully we can get what we need and we can get our town back together.”

After FEMA assesses all the damage, the city will provide additional documentation to support the damage claim. They will write a report and send it up for the funding.

Officials say there is no confirmed date to receive that money.

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