Man arrested for threatening to kill 911 dispatcher

Man arrested for threatening to kill 911 dispatcher
Walter Shelton, 58, was arrested for threatening to kill a 911 dispatcher. (Source: Graves County Jail)

MAYFIELD, Ky. (KFVS) - Unwanted and a threatening phone calls leads to an arrest in Mayfield, Kentucky on Sunday, Dec. 1.

Kentucky State Police called Mayfield Police on Sunday, Dec. 1 to report that a man was making numerous 911 calls to dispatchers.

According to Mayfield Police, Walter Shelton, 58, made numerous threats to kill dispatchers and others.

A Mayfield officer advised Shelton to stop calling 911 and making threats.

Shelton told police he would stop making the calls, but moments after making the pledge he called dispatchers again.

Police said Shelton threatened to kill the dispatcher.

Shelton was arrested and booked into the Graves County Jail for harassing communications.

He has since been released from the jail.

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