Heartland bakeshop makes more than 600 pies for Thanksgiving

Heartland bakeshop makes more than 600 pies for Thanksgiving

MURPHYSBORO, Ill. (KFVS) - The day before Thanksgiving is always a busy one, especially for bakers who keep the Heartland happy with their homemade pies.

“Most of the bakers have been here since midnight and we are going on about close to 12 hours of just non-stop baking,” said Miranda Stapel, owner or Rule of Pie Bakeshop.

Stapel said the magic doesn’t just happen overnight.

“We started six weeks ago planning and prepping and we’ve been working night and day specifically for the past week,” she said.

Stapel said in her 900-square-foot bakeshop her crew makes around 675 pies for thanksgiving.

The most popular pie is a chocolate bourbon pecan.

“A pecan pie with a splash of bourbon and it has a layer of chocolate as well. so, we sold the most of that for the week. so, i think we did around 125 of just that one pie,” Stapel said.

One customer calls Rule of Pie her go to spot.

“This has become our thanksgiving and Christmas tradition to come the rule of pie the day before and pick up our pies,” said Besty Doughtery, customer.

She said she expected a long wait

“There was no line because of the system they had set up and we just walked right in and got our pies,” said Doughtery.

“It’s kind of a major operation, just trying to make everything go off without a hitch,” said Stapel.

Stapel said they will rest on Thanksgiving, but once Friday comes around, they are back at it.

“When we come back on Friday a lot of people will have late thanksgivings. we are usually crazy busy the weekend after Thanksgiving,” she said.

Stapel said they aren’t accepting anymore orders for Thanksgiving, but they are available to make more pies for the weekend.

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