Students collect more than 8K items for food drive

Students collect more than 8K items for food drive
Union City Elementary School collected 8,884 food items during their turkey trot. (Source: Union City Elementary School)

UNION CITY. Tenn. (KFVS) - Students at Union City Elementary school collected 8,884 food items to go to two charities this holiday season.

The students collected the food items as part of their “Turkey Trot” project that lasted a couple of weeks.

The students had asked sponsors to donate items for every lap they walked or ran during physical education.

“The excitement in their eyes and on their faces when they reported their laps and how many cans that represented was priceless,” “It was truly a win-win situation with them helping others and working hard in PE.” physical education teacher Bill Kail said.

Each class at the elementary school competed to see who could collect the most food items.

The winners of the “Turkey Trot” were Sara Brown’s kindergarten group, Laura Nip and Clarissa Youngblood’s classes.

The winning classes were rewarded with a pizza party.

The food items was divided equally between Chimes for Charity and the Obion County Ministerial Association.

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