Officials say be Smart when shopping!

Avoiding Christmas Crooks

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) -If you plan on going shopping this holiday weekend you're going to want those presents to actually make it under the tree.

Perryville police Corporal Jeri Cain said if you plan on leaving bags in the car while shopping, don’t.

“It makes people curious and they may stop and look to see what it is,” she said.

Cain explained how some cars become targets for thieves.

“In this vehicle easily seen in the front seat is I see a bag, wallet, or a Victoria Secret bag in there,” she said.

She said name brand items catch the eyes of thieves trying to make a profit.

“You may not know what’s in it but it’s Victoria Secret that’s high-end merchandise that is easily resalable on sellers club site,” Cain said.

Cain suggests putting your items in the trunk, under the seat, and in the glove box.

“There’s a simple solution to this obviously this jacket was laying on floorboard we can put this back in the floorboard and cover it with the jacket,” she said,

Shoppers Carrie Unterreiner and Connie DeGrandis have their own safety tips.

"We shop in pairs we find that to the best way to stay safe and we like to never leave anything on the seats and make sure everything’s locked up in the trunk,” they said.

Corporal Cain also recommends finding small compartments to place jewelry and gift cards where a thief might not think to look. She said the best tip she can offer is the simplest always lock your vehicle.

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