Ill. lieutenant governor visits Cairo Jr./Sr. High schools

Lt. Governor Stratton visited Cairo students

ALEXANDER COUNTY, Ill. (KFVS) - High school students at Cairo Junior and Senior High aren’t just getting a lesson about the government in class. Instead, they are getting visits from Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton.

Student Latayva Little expressed her feelings about meeting Illinois lieutenant governor Juliana Stratton.

“It’s amazing because it’s like so real," she said.

Lieutenant Juliana Stratton said it’s important for students to meet government officials.

“This is my first visit to Cairo and it’s important to be here to make sure that I let them know that we represent the whole state and I’m here because it’s important for me to talk them directly," she said.

Lt. Stratton said she wants the students to know their voices matter.

"I think it means that government is not just about what happens in the halls of Springfield, but government is about what happens in communities," she said.

Senior Rajanae Moore said she is using this opportunity to learn more before she takes her exam.

“We have to take the U.S. Constitution and the Illinois constitution; we have some questions for that I feel like will help us with the test,” she said.

Little said they’ve studied about Stratton for months in their government class.

“We learned about her background, about different type of jobs and what she likes to do for fun. Basically everything,” Little said.

History teacher Ronnie Woods said an opportunity like this is big for his students.

“She is history, she is what we study...”he said.

Wood said he hopes meeting her will help his students understand the textbook better.

“It’s better when it’s actually real. It’s not a theory, it’s not a picture, it’s an actual person,” Wood said.

Little said they are preparing them for the future.

"I feel like they're putting us a step ahead of the game," Little said.

Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton is visiting parts of southern Illinois talking about different initiatives and taking tours.

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