Nashville, Tenn. flights out of Marion, Ill. available for purchase late Nov.

Cape Air to provide scheduled flights at Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois for another four-year term.

Nashville, Tenn. flights out of Marion, Ill. available for purchase late Nov.

MARION, Il. (KFVS) - As the holidays approach, travelers out of Marion’s Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois will soon have more options for air travel.

Cape Air will continue to provide scheduled air service for another four-year term, offering flights between Veterans Airport and Nashville International Airport.

Travelers will be able to purchase tickets to starting next week, according to Airport Director Doug Kimmel. However, the flights will begin in late Jan. 2020.

According to Kimmel, studys show the majority of air travelers from this Heartland region are headed to the South. So, after a decade of providing faster travel to St. Louis, Cape Air’s expansion to Nashville is expected to “outpace” St Louis for ridership.

“It benefits the region," said Kimmel. "I think the new flights to Nashville, coupled with St. Louis, the new aircraft that we will see shortly as well, are all things that will generate more ridership and more economic activity for our region.”

In addition, Cape Air will soon introduce the new Tecnam Traveler aircraft replacing the existing Cessna 402. The new nine-seat passenger aircraft will have more cabin space, more luggage space, air-condition and even USB ports. Kimmel called it “a much better experience” for travelers.

The average fare will be $69 to Nashville in comparison to the $49 to St Louis.

The proposal was selected by the Department of Transportation back in October.

The four-year contract was approved for $2.9 million per year, which is the required subsidy from federal government along with expected revenue generated from passengers.

The flight segment will run one hour and five to 10 minutes long versus the 40-50 minute flight to St. Louis.

The total number of flights going out is the same. Six round trip flights Monday through Friday, including four to St. Louis and two Nashville each day. Plus, two flights to St. Louis and one flight to Nashville on the weekends.

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