Student-led anti-bullying campaign brings awareness in Sikeston

Student-led anti-bullying campaign brings awareness in Sikeston

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - Students at the Sikeston Junior High School created a memorable anti-bullying assembly in front of the entire student body on Monday.

Student ambassadors prepared for nearly two months to perform multiple skits and serious conversations within a TV talk show event that also featured fun commercials performed by the staff and students.

The message was to bring awareness of the different aspects of what bullying is, how to recognize bullying and how to help others dealing with bullying.

“A lot of people go through it and it’s not easy because junior high, by itself, even when you’re not getting bullied, is pretty hard," eighth grade student Zoe Evans said. “It’s hard to imagine what most students are going through when they are bullied.”

The student ambassadors said it's important that they help do what they can to recognize any problems around the school, help rectify those situations and be there for the students to come and talk with if ever a problem were to arise.

“We try to change the climate in our school to be easier for people to come with their problems and come with their situations and maybe decrease the amount of bullying happening here,” eighth grade student Heidi Self said.

Earlier in the year, students were given a survey about bullying. Student ambassadors then took the results and shared the statistics with the classes to help educate them and reduce the stigma.

“We try to make the school a easier place for students to be at,” Evans said. “We like to make it more positive.”

The students said bullying is not a game and that it needs to stop.

“I hear stuff all the time about of stuff that’s happened in our community and even close outside our community of instances where bullies have driven people to being crazy or killing themselves and that’s not okay,” eighth grade student Madeline McCord said.

The assembly was split into two parts with the TV show theme part on the seriousness of bullying, while the commercials they performed had students jumping out of their seat with excitement.

School staff and leaders dressed up in female clothing as part of a pageant while other teachers had a dance off. Students also were engaged in fun activities as well.

A Sikeston school resource officer dressed up as part of a skit during the Sikeston Jr. High anti-bullying assembly.
A Sikeston school resource officer dressed up as part of a skit during the Sikeston Jr. High anti-bullying assembly. (Source: Photo source; Mike Mohundro, KFVS)

The student ambassadors also bring their anti-bullying campaign outside the school earlier this year when they decorated toilets and spread awareness to the community during a recent tailgate.

The students wanted to not only send a strong message to their own classmates, but to the entire community as well.

“We wanted to get out in the community that the Sikeston Junior High is doing something in the community to get rid of bullying.”

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