Sikeston High School gives kids hands-on experience in real-world jobs

Student take part in real world job shadow

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A new program at Sikeston High School gives kids hands-on experience in jobs that could await them after they graduate.

Tyron Owens and Haley Barker are looking to the future by making pizzas in the present.

"I may go ahead and do a little job before I go somewhere else and help somebody else," Owens said.

They are looking to the future by making pizzas in the present. A new job shadowing program called Impact is designed to get kids excited about their future career opportunities.

The counselor Heather Self said the new impact program was added this year.

“The goal is to have a positive impact on the students’ lives,” Self said.

The group of students had a chance to shadow places like Papa Johns, Spread Hope Now, and Sikeston DPS.

"I always had this one dead set plan, but I realize that maybe I should take a step back re-evaluate my life and see what I want to do," Barker said.

Self said, these students do not have a clear plan about what they will do after high school.

“We found that if kids have people who tell their stories their life stories and maybe success stories or things, they overcome that they will be inspired,” Self said.

The school partnered with the Sikeston Regional Chamber of Commerce to recognize job opportunities in their hometown.

The executive director Marcie Lawson said, “The goal is that the students can see more than what their parent’s door their brother or sister do that there are a lot of career opportunities in Sikeston.”

The general manager, McShawn Marks, at Papa Johns said he likes the idea of students getting to learn about opportunities outside the classroom.

“You have people who have 8 to 10 years of schooling who go and talk to the kids and really never reach them but who can reach them the person who has the book knowledge," Haley Barker said. ”The person who has experience from making them faults themselves."

Heather Self said the students will get the opportunity to tour a different business every other month.

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