Scott City High School Band grows more than 600% in four years

Scott city orchestra crescendo

SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KFVS) - The Scott City High School Band certainly gives anyone a memorable show.

The band consists of 44 members and has grown 628% since the seven members they had just four years ago.

Scott City High School Band Director Kyle Clay said it's great to see so many students show more interest over the years.

“The interest has grown, their music-ship has grown,” Clay said. “When I got here they couldn’t do some of the very basic stuff and now we’re playing some very hard music.”

In 2015, a video shows the seven members of the Scott City High School Band played a Christmas song using trash cans at a band festival in Jackson, Mo.

"It was kind of hard finding a song so I found a trash can piece off the internet and gave them all trash cans," Clay said. "We went out and marched on the field. We went out and did what a band of 40 people would do."

He said it was a memorable moment that helped many become interested in the band afterwards.

“Well that first year when I had seven people, I basically said I could do two things,” Clay said. “I could not do anything and use the excuse of only having seven people. But I really wanted to set the precedence that we’re going to change this thing around.”

Scott City Senior Hailey Schrum plays the flute and saxophone for the band. She was part of the team that day and was able to carry the banner before the band performed.

She said that performance of the seven band members was pretty impactful.

"After the first year when we had the seven and the trash cans, people were like, wow, that’s kind of cool, Schrum saId. “So the more people started to join and realized, hey, this is kind of fun.”

Clay said he figured it would grow, but not at the rate it did.

"I knew it would get big, I just didn't expect it to be this quick," Clay said. "We're having trouble finding instruments."

Heather Phillips is a freshman this year. She said she had a lot of influence by her brother and others in school in taking up an instrument.

Phillips is glad to see others show that interest also.

"It's kind of good to know that people actually want to join band."

Phillips said joining band has also helped her socially as well.

"I've made more friends through band and it kind of helps me figure out that this is what I'm good at because I was never good at sports."

A lot of these high schoolers are also part of the school’s pep band. You can catch their performances at the Southeast Missouri Women’s Basketball game on November 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Show-Me-Center.

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