MoDOT is working to treat back roads in the Heartland

MoDOT crews treating back roads

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A lot of schools were out because of the slick rural roads.

A MoDOT official said their first priority is the primary roads and once they are safe to drive on then they get to the secondary routes.

Joe Holt, the owner of river hills grocery in Altenburg, said snow and ice are a big issue when it comes to driving on rural back roads.

“...because we’re probably one of the last roads to be treated,” Holt said. “We’re the last ones to be taken care of because a lot of the employers only see the roads in town and don’t realize their employees have to drive through rural areas.”

Nathan Orf with MoDOT said the reason why the roads are so slippery when it’s snowing is because they don’t have much traffic.

“The more traffic tires you get going across it, the more it melts with secondary. We don’t have that," Orf said.

MoDOT crews have to take extra measures on these roads because they don’t tend to them until the next day.

“Our big tandem trucks are equipped with belly plows which help take off that packed snow and ice, and also we’ll adjust our rate and put a little more granule,” said Orf. “This controls the granule coming out of center beds.”

Holt said he worries about the safety of his customers who travel on these slick roads.

“There’s a lot of older folks that work in Cape at the hospital and they’re required to go to work no matter what,” Holt said.

Orf has advice for drivers who drive on rural back roads. Orf also said to keep an emergency kit during this time of year and to steer into skids and stay on the upside curbs if you happen to slide.

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