Council member wants to fix dilapidated buildings in Cape Girardeau

Condemning houses in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - More citizens in Cape Girardeau are going to city council meetings to talk about dilapidated buildings around town and ways to clean them up.

Dan Presson, the city council member for Ward 1, said the issue has been brought up on multiple occasions and to different degrees.

“We recently had somebody approach the council about a neighboring home that had tree limbs fall on parts of a shared driveway,” Presson said. “It’s those types of things that are all part of this discussion and about making sure people do keep up their property well and take pride in what they own.”

He feels like it should be a priority to fix homes and businesses that are in rough shape because it can hurt nearby property values.

If you drive around town the signs of neglect are easy to spot with broken windows and doors, no electricity, abandoned vehicles, overgrown grass and debris in yards.

Presson said condemning and demolishing a property is a last resort. Instead, he wants renters and property owners to be more proactive.

“Its those little steps. Turn on your porch light. Pull your trash cans back to your house after trash day, clean up your front yard," Presson said. "Take pride in that piece of property and keep it up to a high quality and a high standard. We’re all in this together. We all live in this community together and so we’re all in it for the betterment of our property values.”

Presson believes if community members consistently take care of their properties, it could encourage new families and new businesses to move to Cape.

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