Senator McConnell announces $10.4 million transportation grant for Paducah

$10.4 Million grant to go to Paducah

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KFVS) - U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) announced Nov. 6 that Paducah. Ky has been awarded $10.4 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT)) “Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development” (BUILD) grant program.

The funds will be used to support the Paducah Riverfront Infrastructure Project.

The project aims to develop transportation for visitors and commerce in the city.

According to Paducah officials, the project includes the expansion of a shipping container transfer yard, riverfront excursion pier and plaza. They want to provide a safe landing and pathway for riverboat guests, bikers, and pedestrians from downtown to the riverfront.

“The Paducah community continues to tap into its beautiful geography at the heart of our nation’s inland waterways network,” said Senator McConnell. “With this BUILD grant, Paducah can continue creating new opportunities for tourism, recreation and commerce along the riverfront in support of good jobs and economic growth. Making Paducah an economic leader in our Commonwealth and the region has long been a priority for me, and I have been proud to work with Mayor Harless, Judge Clymer, and other city leaders to continue developing the riverfront and its vast potential. As Senate Majority Leader, I’m constantly looking for new opportunities for this wonderful region, and I was glad to help deliver this latest federal investment in Paducah’s bright future.”

“Paducah’s local leaders know best how valuable our inland waterways are to economic development in the region. These community leaders have invested a tremendous amount of resources into the growth and innovation of river-related activities, constantly finding new ways to revitalize the riverfront and bring more opportunity to Paducah,” said Congressman James Comer (KY-01). “This grant is evidence of their engagement on this project and is an incredible opportunity for continued development of Paducah. I thank Senator McConnell for his leadership throughout this process and look forward to working on more issues to spur development in this region.”

“The City Of Paducah is positioned and ready to take full advantage of this award from the Department of Transportation, and we are all grateful to Senator McConnell for his years of leadership on behalf of Paducah’s priorities. From securing the very first federal funds for the riverfront project, to the floodwall, and all the way through to this BUILD award, Senator McConnell’s partnership continues to play an indispensable role in our community’s success. We fully understand the priorities of the Transportation Department, and we recognize the importance of ensuring that our infrastructure is safe, in good repair, and helps us generate economic development opportunities,” said Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless. “The proposed steamboat excursion dock will continue to make Paducah a must-visit destination for river cruises. The completion of our riverfront development in addition to the transient boat dock that was recently completed will create a safe multi modal experience for both our citizens and our visitors.”

“Senator McConnell continues to answer our call for federal assistance in developing and beautifying Paducah and McCracken County. He deserves our thanks and support,” said McCracken County Judge Executive Craig Clymer.

Senator McConnell previously secured over $9 million for the Paducah Waterfront Development Project, which included the city’s transient boat dock.

He also procured funding for the Paducah floodwall project, which helps people living in Paducah, better protect themselves, their homes, and their businesses from flooding.

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