Check Results: November 2019 General Election

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(KFVS) - A general election for parts of Missouri and the state of Kentucky was on Tuesday, Nov. 5.


Unofficial results show that Proposition A did not pass in Millersville. That is according Ray Warner with the Millersville Fire Protection District. The proposition was for a $900,000 bond to give Millersville a new fire station. Fire officials will meet on Wednesday, Nov. 6 to determine how they will proceed.

County Clerk Kara Clark Summers said the measure needed to get 2/3 of the votes to pass. That is in accordance with the Missouri Constitution that requires a 2/3 vote to pass an issue during a special election. Summers said the results will be certified on Friday, Nov. 8. The bond issue received 199 “yes” votes, and 103 “no” votes a percentage of only 65.89.

A bond issue in Marston passed, 100% “yes” and 0.0% “no." It would improve the city’s combined waterworks and sewage system. It’s a $1 million revenue bond.

Final results are in and 82% voted “no” for Proposition B in Miner. The proposition asked if the mayor, with consent and majority vote of the Board of Alderman, could appoint the chief of police.

See these and other ballot issues in southeast Missouri below.



  • Matt Bevin (incumbent)/Ralph Alvarado - Republican
  • Andy Beshear/Jacqueline Coleman - Democrat

According to the Associated Press, the governor’s race is too close to call. That didn’t stop Andy Beshear from declaring a victory, but Matt Bevin said he was not going to concede.

Secretary of State

  • Michael Adams - Republican
  • Heather French Henry - Democrat

Attorney General

  • Daniel Cameron - Republican
  • Gregory D. Stumbo - Democrat

Auditor of Public Accounts

  • Mike Harman (incumbent) - Republican
  • Sheri Donahue - Democrat
  • Kyle Hugenberg - Libertarian

State Treasurer

Commissioner of Agriculture

  • Ryan Quarles (incumbent) - Republican
  • Robert Conway - Democrat
  • Joshua Gilpin - Libertarian

Graves County Sheriff

  • Jason Clark - Republican
  • Jon Hayden - Democrat

Justice of the Supreme Court - 1st Supreme Court Dist.

  • Christopher Shea Nickell
  • Whitney H. Westerfield

Mayfield City Council

  • Darrick Herndon
  • Robert Brandon Henson
  • Cindy Price
  • Johnny Jackson

Looking forward, the 2020 presidential primary dates for Heartland states include:

  • Tennessee - Tuesday, March 3, 2020 as part of Super Tuesday
  • Missouri - Tuesday, March 10, 2020
  • Illinois - Tuesday, March 17, 2020
  • Kentucky - Tuesday, March 19, 2020

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