Homeowner urging people to get their chimneys cleaned out

Updated: Nov. 1, 2019 at 4:41 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - After a chimney fire on Thursday, a homeowner is urging others to get their chimney cleaned out.

“If we hadn’t paid attention to the noise and investigated it, we could have had a very bad fire,” said Jean Cole, homeowner.

Cole said Halloween night by the fireplace took a scary turn.

“We heard the fireplace roaring and we couldn’t figure out why it was roaring. So I checked outside and saw smoke coming out of the chimney which shouldn’t have been happening with a gas fireplace and my daughter looked up in the chimney and saw a glow,” she said.

Cole said their fireplace used to be wood-burning, but when they made the switch to gas, they didn’t think they’d have any problems.

“It had been a wood burning fireplace which is why there was creosote in the chimney and apparently it had not been probably clean for quite some time,” she said.

Cole said get it checked out by a professional.

“You need a licensed chimney sweep. I guess they are still called chimney sweeps and I have used them in other houses before and they will come and so all the inspections that are needed,” said Cole.

The owner of Flame Masters Chimney Service, Jordan Masters, said having your chimney cleaned and inspected is extremely important.

“Whenever you think about it, your building a fire inside of your house. You wanna make sure that it’s done as safely and as properly as possible,” he said.

Masters said a chimney fire could cause a home to go up in flames.

“You see all the time houses burning down because of a chimney fire that could have been prevent had the chimney been inspected and cleaned prior to use.”

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