A Place to Call Home: Featuring Alex

Updated: Oct. 28, 2019 at 8:43 PM CDT
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(KFVS) - Alex is quick on his feet.

We found that out when we went skating with the 11-year-old at Elite Skate in Sikeston.

He’s pretty good at it, considering he doesn’t get a chance to skate all that often.

“I also like to play with my friends,” Alex said.

He named off a few buddies that he enjoys spending time with at school.

Alex is in 6th grade this year.

“I like math,” Alex said about his favorite subject.

He’s also pretty active.

“I like recess, gym time and I like basketball,” Alex said.

“Alex is an awesome kid, he’s very sweet. I’ve had no issues with him ever,” Sara Chapman said. “He’s very good at sports, he loves to play and he just wants a family to love him and be there for him.”

Sara Chapman is Alex’s caseworker.

She said he’s been in the system for five years.

Alex has lived in a group home setting for quite some time and really wants to find a family.

”He’s been through a lot in his short life, so much. He just needs a mom and dad that are going to love him and take him in and treat him as their own," Sara Chapman said.

Alex has some intellectual challenges, and his caseworker said he really needs a family who will work with him and help him get through the confusion he’s felt being without a stable family life for so long.

When we asked Alex what kind of home he would like to live in, he said, “a good home.”

He told us he wants to be with a family because he wants his life to be easier.

Alex would love to have parents who would take him to the park, or even just do the simple things of life.

“I want to go to Walmart and buy groceries,” Alex said.

Some normalcy and love...that’s all he wants.

Fostering and adopting are not decisions to be taken lightly.

But, taking that leap may just be the best decision you’ve ever made.

“It’s challenging, but at the end of the day you’re helping a child that has nobody in their life,” Sara Chapman said.

We asked Alex, “What would you say to somebody who might want to foster or adopt a child like you?”

“Thank you,” Alex said.

He can’t wait to say those two words to his future family.

To find out more about Alex, or other children we have featured call 1-800-554-2222.

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