Children in Cape Girardeau raise money to help with church’s program through rigorous activities

Cape Girardeau teens perform tasks to benefit their church

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - About half-a-dozen children performed extensive and rigorous activities to raise money for their church’s mission program on Sunday, Oct. 21.

Children were surrounded by family and friends at the Bethel Assembly of God Church in Cape Girardeau where they each performed an activity to help raise money that goes towards missionaries for the Speed the Light program for Assemblies of God.

“It helps provide them (the missionaries) with vehicles and transportation while they are on the mission field,” Bethel Assembly of God Pastor Danny Wilson added.

Of those activities, kids hit a 1,000 volleyball serves, caught 1,000 football passes, hit hundreds of baseballs and more.

This is the children's special mission project every year should they choose to help raise money for the program.

As for Allie Helle, she has already had people pledge hundreds through her activity for the cause.

"It's really cool to think that you're helping missionaries across the world," Helle said. "People are like, 'but you're just a kid and you can't help anybody'. But thinking about how you can give money to someone to tell people about Jesus, it makes it really fulfilling and makes your day."

For Skyler Calder, he is catching 1,000 football passes that he is dedicating to his late grandfather.

"In 2013, he was laying in bed and all of a sudden, he stopped moving and had a heart attack," Calder said.

Six years have gone by and Calder still wanted to make his late grandfather proud of him.

"Ever since I've known him, he's been sick," Calder said. "I've had good memories of him. I've never had any bad memories. When he died I was just devastated. I thought to myself, I really want to do this for him."

The kids are thankful for all the support that both their friends, family and church members have provided for them.

"I feel really encouraged to continue with this because there's people behind me supporting me and bringing pledges in order to create this and make it possible."

Collectively, the children hope to raise $3,000 for the program.

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