$52,000 grant will go toward epilepsy unit of Mercy Health - Lourdes Hospital

$52,000 grant will go toward epilepsy unit of Mercy Health - Lourdes Hospital
It would take $8.66 today to equal the purchasing power of $7.25 in 2009. (Source: Pexels)

PADUCAH, Ky, (KFVS) - A $52,000 grant from the Delta Regional Authority will support a new Mercy Health - Lourdes Hospital Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in Paducah, Kentucky.

Officials with the hospital said the grants are approved through the governor’s office.

The governor’s office approved $1.3 million for Ky. communities. Mercy Health’s Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is the only project funded in the Paducah region.

Funding is provided by the States’ Economic Development Assistance Program.

This is a program through Delta Regional Authority that makes investments into projects supporting basic public infrastructure, transportation improvements, workforce training and education, and business development with an emphasis on entrepreneurship.

Hospital officials said the funding will be used to renovate space at the current facility into an epilepsy monitoring unit.

The unit will be double the size of the previous one and provide staff and patients with a central location for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of individuals suffering from epileptic seizures.

Hospital officials said the new unit is expected to open this fall.

For more information concerning Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital or the Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes visit Mercy.com.

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