As it gets colder, pests seek warmth in your home

Updated: Oct. 15, 2019 at 4:49 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - As the cold temperatures roll in, you might start seeing some pesky bugs and animals sneak into your home.

“Insects, your mice even are looking to get out away from the cold air and into somewhere warm," said Chris Horrell, owner of Bug Zero.

Chris said he’s getting more and more calls about pests finding their way indoors.

“Garage doors, your basement doors, window screens, anywhere they can get into the house. They’re looking for somewhere warm to spend the winter,” he said.

Some common culprits are mice, wolf spiders, stink bugs, and asian ladybugs. But you still have time to get ahead of them.

“Yeah right now is your perfect time to be thinking proactive, because once they’re inside obviously it’s gonna be a little more challenging,” said Horrell.

He recommended sealing weatherstripping on doors and garages if you see daylight through it, fixing damaged window screens and keeping firewood and leaves away from your home, so insects don’t harbor or nest there.

“And you’re outside more this time of year when it’s nice out. People are going in and out more often, so it creates more possibilities for things to get in," he said.

If stinkbugs or asian ladybugs do get inside, Horrell said do not kill them. Instead, vacuum or sweep them up, or else you’ll smell an odor.

“Whatever effort you make on the outside’s a lot easier than once they’re inside. Cause then they kind of have free reign. There’s lots of hiding areas and spots they can go," he said.

He also said to try and use yellow lights instead of white outside because bugs are less attracted to the color yellow. Also in general, turn your lights off as much as you can.

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