Sikeston students paint on jean jackets to raise money

Sikeston students paint jean jackets to raise money for fellow students

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - Sikeston students raised money for local charities all while expressing themselves through art.

“I am thrilled to do this. It makes me feel great, and it makes me feel happy to do it and to be a part of her classroom,” said Jeffrey Jones, a Sikeston High School senior.

Jones is one of nine students who made 28 jackets in Carrie Corso’s special education class.

“I wanted them to know that despite any of their abilities or pasts, that we can all do really great things and make a positive impact," said Corso.

Personal Expressions, a store in downtown Sikeston, displayed the finished products in store windows. The people bid on them.

“Definitely I think all the students felt like they were famous, so it was really fun. I’m really proud for them and excited. I mean it’s a big honor. Not many high school students can say the work that they’ve done is in a store downtown,” said Corso.

Their pieces of art did more than make the students’ day. The auction raised $1,200 for Sikeston PAWS animal shelter and Bulldog Pantry, which supplies food and clothing to kids in the school district.

Jones said he will always remember this project even after he graduates.

“I’m really, really grateful to be in her class, and it’s really changed my life. We pretty much go together like peanut butter and jelly,” he said.

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