Mystery boy caught making park safe

Boy tightens park fence (Source: Tim Huber)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Acts of kindness come in all forms and are not always witnessed.

One such act didn’t go unnoticed at Levi’s Adventure Trail in Cape Girardeau on Thursday, Oct. 10.

Park-goers watched a young man make the play area safe and secure.

A video posted to Facebook shows the boy walking along the fence that separates the park from the parking lot.

The young man stops at the posts, bends and stoops over the railings and does something with a tool in his hand.

He is tightening the screws on the loose fencing.

One witness, Tim Huber, said the boy took it upon himself to go to his parents car, grab a screw driver and secure the loose fence railings.

The young man continued the task multiple times as he notice more and more loose screws in the fence.

Huber said he posted a video of the boy on Facebook in hopes the boy’s parents would see it and be proud of his thoughtfulness.

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