Free breakfast and lunch is a success for Sikeston School District

Sikeston free lunch update

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - Fueling a child’s brain while in school is one of the most important things to ensure success

Sikeston School District knows first-hand after two months into a new school breakfast and lunch program.

“The only way this program is successful is if our kids eat because we have to have high participation levels,” said Lori Boardman, director of business services for Sikeston schools.

Since the program started two months ago for Sikestons students in 5th through 12th grade, participation increased more than what officials expected.

“The participation levels have gone up 24 percent at breakfast, now elementary was already at 98 percent so we know that growth is 5-12 and we have gone up 10 percent at lunch and at least we are in double digits. We need that to be a little higher, but I never thought we would see that this early in the program, " said Boardman

One Sikeston student said she is happy she doesn’t have to worry about her lunch account being in the red anymore.

“I would sit at lunch and not be able to eat, so this helps me be able to eat and while like I can have it for free so I will never be in debt,” said Anabeth Baker.

Baker said being able to eat breakfast and lunch helps her stay focused on her studies.

“It just like helps me get my energy and helps get my mind going,” said Baker.

Boardman said they have seen first-hand just how much this new program has helped student success.

“When you have testimonials from teachers going, ‘My kids are learning better. I’m seeing it,’ that’s our local statistic.”

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