Colder weather is coming: Some things to remember when using a space heater

Space heater danger

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - Cold weather over the next few days may have some of you turning up the heat. If you plan on using a space heater, fireplace or furnace there are some things you may want to remember.

Lieutenant Derick Wheetley with Sikeston Department of Public Safety said around this time they start to get a lot busier. He said roughly 55,000 fires are caused each year by space heaters.

He said if you’re using a space heater, keep items 3 feet away from them. Wheetley said don’t forget to plug space heaters directly into the wall.

If you’re going out to buy a space heater, he recommended a certain type.

“The safest route would be to with the infrared. You have space heaters that can use propane, natural gas, kerosene when you get into those items you have a chance of introducing carbon monoxide into that area,” he said.

Wheetley advised if you’re lighting up the fireplace or furnace, make sure it’s been inspected. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher available, and know how to properly use it.

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