Sikeston city council considers ordinance allowing UTVs on city streets

Sikeston city council is considering to make an ordinance allowing UTV’S on city streets

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - If you own a UTV and live in Sikeston it’s illegal to drive it on city streets, but things could possibly change.

City council members are working on an ordinance to consider allowing UTVs and slow-moving vehicles to operate on city streets.

Sikeston Department of Public Safety Chief James McMillan said a citizen brought the idea to them on Monday.

McMillan said they are evaluating the requirements for licensing and safety.

He said they want to make sure the right drivers are behind the UTVs.

"One of the main things of the apprehension about doing that is safety you know we'd want licensed drivers to be operating these vehicles because they'd have to abide by the same traffic laws as every other operator out there," McMillen said.

McMillan said they plan to write the ordinance this month. It will be reviewed next month. If it passes, it will go in effect in 2020.

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