Pink Up: YOU may help beat cancer just by talking more

Pink Up: How you're helping beat cancer right now

(KFVS) - October is breast cancer awareness month and this month we want to bring awareness to how YOU are helping beat cancer.

You may be sitting at home asking how am I helping beat cancer? The answer is simple, just by TALKING and more specifically TALKING to your family about their health history.

Doctor Michael Naughton is a medical oncologist at Saint Francis Healthcare system. His expertise is breast cancer and he said in the past 20 years that he’s been practicing, the changes have been tremendous.

The science and technology of course continue to improve, but he said another big reason the survival rate is continuing to increase is because of communication.

“In current generations it’s much less likely that women are going to say, I don’t know , they didn’t really talk about it," explained Dr. Naughton. "Now people talk about it and the value there is it makes us all more aware. It makes us all more comfortable and it extends beyond breast cancer to the entirety of cancer care. Which is more people are being comfortable to being open about it, talking about it. The deep dark secret that cancer was and we’re all scared of it is evolving now to we are aware of it and we have often great solution to handle it.”

Doctor Naughton said most women are diagnosed at stage 1 and a large part of that is due to screenings. Dr. Naughton is new to the area, and has most recently worked at Washington University in St. Louis. He will start seeing patients in November.

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