Time for a flu shot: Four flu cases reported in Cape Girardeau Co., Mo.

Time for a flu shot: four cases of the flu reported in Cape Girardeau County

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Public Health Center in Cape Girardeau is urging people to get their flu shots after the U.S. had a long flu season in 2018-2019. Experts said it was the longest flu season in a decade.

According to the Public Health Center, there have been four flu cases reported in Cape Girardeau County as of Oct. 7.

A nurse at the center, Vanessa Presley, said it’s hard to tell what this year’s flu season will look like.

“We don’t know at this point, as we get more cases in and kind of see what direction its going," said Presley. “When you get diagnosed with flu they can actually type it and see what strain it is to see if it one of the stains that’s actually in the vaccine cause flu viruses like to mutate, they like to change, and do there own thing.”

Presley explained why getting a flu shot is the best form of protection from the virus.

“The flu vaccine is not going to give you the flu, but it is a good background barrier to the flu viruses out there. So even if you do get the flu it’s probably going to be a whole lot less than what it was because you were protected for some of the other viruses that would be circulating," she said.

Presley said the Cape Girardeau Public Health Center offers flu shots for $20 fee. The Center does accept walk-ins and accepts insurance and Medicare.

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