Local UAW strike against General Motors reaches one week

Local UAW strike against General Motors reaches one week
Local UAW strike against General Motors reaches one week (Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It’s been seven days since General Motors workers started striking for better wages and benefits.

More than 100 GM workers in Memphis are hoping the strike ends soon, but say their resolve is strong as negotiations continue.

“We've been here all week. Every day, around the clock. A lot of people did not expect for us to be out here this long,” said Glinder Louis, local United Automobile Workers president.

Like the other 46,000 United Automobile Workers Union members across the country, these employees are a part of the largest strike by any union since the last GM workers strike in 2007.

Both Ron Conley, who has worked for General Motors for 45 years, and Glinder Louis, who has worked for GM for 34 years, participated in that strike as well.

“Now they're beginning to see it firsthand and know exactly what it takes to move forward,” said Conley.

These union workers say they are fighting for a lot -- increased wages, health care benefits and more.

“We're just fighting for a better way of life for the employees,” said Conley.

“We deserve to be treated better than what we're being treated. We gave up a lot to save this company back during the bankruptcy so I don't see a problem with the little bit that we're asking for it's not a lot,” said Louis.

As negotiations continue in Detroit, Michigan these union members plan to be here every minute.

“We're hearing that they're making headway but it's just not enough. And I think over time they will see that what we're fighting for is worth it,” said Conley.

“All GM supervisors stay strong. Stay strong. We hope this don't last too much longer but stay strong because we are union strong out here on this line,” said Louis.

Some of these employees say going a full week without a paycheck has been difficult.

However, they could receive the call at any moment saying negotiations have made a breakthrough.

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