Pa. man accused of using drone to drop explosives on ex-girlfriend’s property

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WFMZ/CNN) - The attorney for a Pennsylvania man is exploring a plea agreement after federal prosecutors accused him of targeting his ex-girlfriend in a series of explosions.

According to prosecutors, 43-year-old Jason Muzzicato dropped explosive devices from a drone onto his ex-girlfriend’s property, rattling a Washington Township, Pa., neighborhood this spring and summer.

Muzzicato is not directly charged with detonating any of the explosives, but he is charged with knowingly operating an aircraft, the drone, without registration.

Charles Carcione, who lives in the neighborhood, says he believes other materials, such as nails, were dropped alongside the explosive devices.

"One day, I was... in the driveway doing something. All of a sudden, I heard them. It rained nails. They came out of the sky. They dropped down from the sky. Nobody was around. Nobody went by and threw them. They dropped from the sky,” he said.

Carcione says he had his suspicions about Muzzicato before he was arrested and even confronted the man, asking him to stop. He claims the explosions only got worse.

"Everything has been quiet since his arrest,” Carcione said.

Muzzicato’s attorney says they are exploring a plea agreement.

Muzzicato is also charged with illegally having weapons. Investigators say when they raided his home, they found improvised explosives and nine guns, which he was not allowed to have because of a protection from abuse order.

If convicted, Muzzicato faces up to 33 years in jail, according to the United States Attorney’s Office.

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