Leaders hope to improve baseball and softball fields in Cape Girardeau

Leaders hope to improve baseball and softball fields in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Several leaders in Cape Girardeau are taking a swing at creating better baseball fields in the city.

Recreational Coach Mark Alvin said there is a need for baseball and softball fields at Arena Park in Cape Girardeau.

“The fields are constantly full and it’s hard to get practices in, and it’s hard to deal with some of the travel teams,” he said.

Alvin said it even impacts their games.

"We're constantly either canceling or rescheduling games a lot if the time our seasons run two to three weeks simply because the fields are just wet," he said.

Former councilman Mark Lanzotti said, “there’s always been an identified need.”

He stepped up to the plate to present a new effort to the city council.

"It was a proposal for a joint partnership between the city and the school district to invest city dollars into a school district facility and then both of those entities will be able to use it," he said.

Lanzotti said he hopes the city will invest in this proposal.

“Cape Central’s varsity field is not up to current varsity standards and really needs a face lift,” he said.

Lanzotti estimates it could take 1.5 million dollars to make this deal happen.

However, the city has already allocated 4.5 million dollars toward new fields at places like Arena Park. The Parks and Rec Director, Julia Jones said, a tax renewal was passed last year to pay for this.

“So as part of that Prs tax renewal we told the voters that we would build a brand new 5-8 field youth ball field complex,” she said.

Coach Alvin said he's just glad the ball is moving forward.

Alvin said, "I am happy it will be nice to fields one that are the right size."

Julia Jones said the city will be looking at the proposal Lanzotti over the next couple of months.

Either way, both Cape Schools and the city will be moving forward on new fields.

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