St. Louis Aquarium needs help naming otter pups

St. Louis Aquarium needs help naming otter pups
You have three choices of names, choose wisely! (Source: Pexels)

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KFVS) - They’re furry, they’re cute and they need names!

Staff with the St. Louis Aquarium posted on social media about three new, nameless otter pups.

According to staff, there are two females and one male.

The staff has given the public three choices of names:

You can react with a heart to their Facebook post to name them Splish, Splash and Dash.

React with a laugh to their post to name them Hopper, Zephyr and Harvey.

Lastly, you can react with a wow to their post to name them Thatcher, Sawyer and Finn.

If you need a little background information on the pups to help you choose names the staff has provided descriptions.

The “little brother,” as the staff calls him, has big feet, a big nose and is very eager to learn.

The “middle sister” is the peace-maker and is often distracted when someone comes to clean the habitat.

The “big sister” is in charge and loves to swim.

The pups cuddle for naps and nighttime resting.

Staff said the pups also love to play tug-o-war.

You can vote until Monday, Sept. 23!

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