Couple’s argument over PlayStation 4 game turns violent

Couple’s argument over PlayStation 4 game turns violent

UNION CITY, Tenn. (KFVS) - On Sunday, Sept. 15, officers with the Union City Police Department were asked to speak to a woman about an alleged assault.

According to police, they spoke to Jasmine Aiken who said she was the victim of the assault.

William Eugene Taylor is facing an aggravated assault charge. Taylor is currently being held in Obion County jail.

Aiken told police on Saturday night she and her boyfriend, Taylor, got into an altercation about a PlayStation 4 game.

Aiken also said Taylor began to choke her as he questioned her about a game she bought.

Police said Aiken reported that she was walking down stairs when Taylor grabbed her by the neck and threw her down the stairs.

At this time Aiken’s sister Kia Aiken came into the house and hit Taylor, according to police.

Aiken also told police, at this time the mother of Taylor’s children came to the residence so Aiken left.

Jasmine and Kia Aiken were taken by officials to an investigation room for questioning.

Taylor was arrested for vandalism and is being held for Lauderdale County.

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