First Alert Friday Morning Outlook

A hint of heat/humidity relief.....

First Alert Weather: What to expect 9/13

A weak, mostly dry cold front will be slipping through the region today from northwest to southeast. Its passage will be mostly unnoticed, except for the fact that it will switch winds from southwesterly to northwesterly and begin to blow in some slightly lower dew point/humidity levels….which should be noticeable by late afternoon or evening. Unfortunately, the chances of rain with this system are looking very slim. Models are spitting out a few isolated showers/storms behind the front as temps aloft cool…but overall things are trending drier than they appeared yesterday. With the front moving in from the northwest, there is likely to be a wider range in conditions today…with slightly cooler temps/lower humidity northwest to hotter and more humid southeast. Overnight, the cooler and drier air should make it all the way southeast into the Bootheel and Tennessee.

The trend for the next several days continues to look very warm and dry…as high pressure aloft redevelops pretty quickly over the weekend. After a slightly “cooler” Saturday, highs will rebound to the low 90s for much of next week…along with dew points increasing as well. Many areas have had no measureable rainfall this month (and some had very little in August) and things are looking very dry for next week. A tropical depression in the Caribbean is looking like it will not impact our area…and in fact may not even make it into the Gulf of Mexico.

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