Beating the heat at the SEMO District Fair

SEMO District Fair offers hydration, first aid amidst high temps

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - It’s all fun and games at the SEMO District Fair until the heat keeps you from enjoying yourself.

People who work out in the heat all day said it takes a toll on them, but it’s not just the people who tried to get some relief.

“A lot of the cattle from around here, they’ve been under fans all summer, so they’re over there in their nice show environment under their fans staying cool,” said Lauren Krutsinger, a local high school student. “Hogs can’t sweat. So we also have to spray them down. So that water then evaporates. and it kind of gets to them like taking a dip in the pool."

Donald Fulton’s cooked at fairs for about 30 years. He said it’s impossible to stay cool.

“It takes a special mentality to do this kind of work. You’re on your feet all day. You’re in the heat all day,” said Fulton.

He tries to drink four to five gallons of water throughout the day.

“Make sure you don’t fall out, face plant in the grill or something," he said.

Randy Bailey works as a jewelry vendor for CZ Delights and Pearl Creations.

“It is hot, especially when you have the black asphalt popping back in your face," said Bailey.

According to Bailey, the heat also impacts his metal jewelry. He tries to close the jewelry cases to keep the rings cooler.

His solution? Powerful fans.

“Having the fans blowing on our backs and our heads, it really keeps us a lot cooler,” said Bailey.

But the fans and extra gallons of water only help so much.

“You just put up with it. You just gotta have that special mentality,” said Fulton.

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