Sikeston DPS approved to get new dispatch, records equipment

Sikeston DPS approved to get new dispatch, records equipment

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - On Monday, the city council in Sikeston approved the acquisition of a new dispatch and recording system.

Sikeston DPS Chief James McMillen said the computer aided dispatch and the reports management system is an integral part of the system of their organization.

“All that information is documented and time stamp and used for our business,” McMillen said. “It’s what we have to have to record all this data and this information to make police reports.”

McMillen said the old system they’ve been using since 2015 has had some problems they’ve encountered from time-to-time, including maintenance and customer service issues.

“We’re looking at a new company that is going to fulfill those needs,” McMillen said. “Also, it’s going to have integration to where we can share some information with other surrounding agencies which we find very important. But the computer aided dispatch portion of this, we think is really going to help our communications.”

McMillen said the new equipment and software will be more compliant with state and federal mandates and will have features that will automatically transfer that data.

“The other [old] one is supposed to be compliant, but there has been some delays with that and we have a deadline that we have to meet,” he added.

He said they are hoping to have the new system installed and running by the end of the year.

“It’s important that we stay up to date on technology with law enforcement,” McMillen said. “Technology is very important and it really relates to the type of the level of service that we can give to our community.”

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