SEMO District Fair offers hydration, first aid amidst high temps

SEMO District Fair offers hydration, first aid amidst high temps

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The SEMO District Fair is in full swing. And while many people will be out having fun, hydration is of upmost importance during a week of high temperatures.

The forecast is calling for a high of low to mid 90s for most days next week while the fair is here in Cape Girardeau.

Saint Francis Healthcare System Registered Nurse Linda Kaiser helps out at the First Aid trailer on the SEMO Fairgrounds. She said they help out with any first aid needs, including overheating and dehydration.

“We have water to help you keep you hydrated, hopefully before that happens. If not, we have it afterwards,” Kaiser said. “We have cool packs and all sorts of things to help you get re-hydrated and cool off.”

Kaiser said there are symptoms you should pay attention to as dehydration and overheating starts to set in.

"Some of the early symptoms of dehydration are feeling just really tired," Kaiser explained. "Maybe getting a little sick to your stomach. It's very subtle symptoms. It's really important to keep hydrated."

She said it's important to make sure you drink 80 to 120 ounces of water, especially in hot conditions. She also stated that you can cool off in shady places and in the Arena building where there is air conditioning.

The first aid station is located by the west entrance along Rodney Street. If you need assistance faster, Kaiser recommends finding an officer to call the first aid to where you are located.

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