Officer’s thigh, cell phone shot following arrest of ‘combative’ man in Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Man charged with assaulting officer by pulling trigger of gun

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A man is facing several charges following a report of a ‘person down’ on Aug. 20 around 7:07 p.m. in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Chad Lee Moore is facing charges of assault first-degree (special victim), armed criminal action, resist/interfere arrest, disarming a Peace Officer, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia (methamphetamine) and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia (marijuana).

Court documents state an officer was called to the McDonald’s restaurant on William Street in Cape Girardeau for the report of a ‘person down’.

When the officer arrived, he said he made contact with Moore who said he did not need medical attention.

The officer was advised that Moore had an active warrant through the City of Cape Girardeau for trespassing and placed him in handcuffs without incident.

Documents state that when the officer told Moore he was going to search his backpack, Moore became agitated and said he did not consent to a search of his property.

The officer said Moore told him he was a “sovereign citizen” and that he had “every right to kill” the officer.

Documents state that Moore “tensed up” at this time and began to push his weight onto the officer as the two men stood near the patrol vehicle.

The officer said he gave Moore verbal commands not to resist as Moore continued to hold his body in a rigid position and push against him.

According to court documents, this is when the officer pushed back against Moore throwing him off balance.

The officer stated they did this to gain better control of Moore as he was continually being combative.

Moore fell to the ground while the officer maintained a grasp on his arm, court documents said.

Documents said once Moore was on the ground he attempted to reach for the officer’s firearm in that was in his holster.

The officer said he attempted to position himself on Moore’s right side to limit his reach, but Moore wrapped his legs around the officer’s left leg, preventing him from moving.

Officials said the officer freed his leg from Moore and again positioned himself on Moore’s right side.

As they waited for a second official to arrive, documents said Moore continued to struggle and attempted to free himself from the officer’s grasp.

Once another officer arrived on scene, they loaded Moore into a patrol vehicle and took him to the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

Court documents said at this time a third officer heard radio traffic indicating that the first two officers needed assistance in the jail sally-port for a combative subject.

At this time the third officer said Moore was positioned to the left of the first officer with the second officer on his right.

The third officer said he heard a gunshot near the entry door to the jail.

Immediately afterward, the third officer said he saw Moore’s hand gripping the holster of the first officer’s handgun. Documents said at this time several officers became involved and forced Moore’s hand down and away from the first officer’s holster.

The first officer said after the shot he felt a sharp pain on his thigh.

Documents state Moore continued to threaten the officer and resist being secured in the jail.

It was later learned that while Moore was near the first officer, he grasped the officer’s holster, placed his finger inside the wall of the holster and engaged the trigger causing the gun to discharge.

The bullet struck the first officer’s cell phone and thigh leaving a laceration about four inches long which officials said could be described as a “grazing wound” on the outside of the officer’s thigh according to court documents.

The first officer said he saw the holster mechanism that secured his gun was still in the closed position.

Documents said after Moore’s backpack was searched, officials found a full syringe which later tested positive for methamphetamine and a white metal smoking device which had the odor of marijuana.

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