‘Chicken Man’ training for triathlon for American Cancer Society

‘Chicken Man’ training for triathlon for American Cancer Society

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - You might see a man dressed up like a chicken running around or riding his bike around Cape Girardeau.

That man is on a mission to help out the American Cancer Society after he beat stage 4 colon cancer years ago.

Hand said he fought cancer for nearly five years but had some good and bad days throughout his journey.

You may remember last year when Kevin Hand was running around Cape Girardeau and acting like a chicken. He was training for the Chicago Marathon in which he wore a chicken suit while running in the event.

This year, he is taking it a step further by training for the Trail of Tears Triathlon on September 7.

He is training again with the chicken suit on. He is running, bicycling and swimming.

“I am back because I wanted to challenge myself a little more from last year,” Hand said. “Last year I did the 'Chick’ago Marathon. I did it really well. We raised a bunch of money for the American Cancer Society and I thought, why not step it up a little bit. Let’s try a triathlon.”

He said he has had much support over the years. This year he is displaying those supporters on his feathers.

"There's complete strangers on here I've never met," Hand said. "They beep at me on Kingshighway. That's not because I'm trying to cross the road. It's because they have somehow been affected by this dreadful disease, cancer. I think the biggest beeps I get are people that have been affected by that disease."

Hand said he chooses to help raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society to help others out and help save their life.

"Every time I complete something, it's a victory for somebody fighting cancer," Hand added.

The triathlon will consist of a 700 meter swim, 15 mile bike ride and 4 mile run.

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