Church rebuilding after EF2 tornado in March 2019

Western Ky. church rebuilds after EF2 tornado

WEST PADUCAH, Ky. (KFVS) - If you were to drive by the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in West Paducah, you will still see part of the building still destroyed by a tornado that struck months ago.

Inside that building on Sunday morning, more than a hundred came in for their regular service.

During their service, they got an important update about where they sit in rebuilding their church.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church Rebuilding Committee Lynn McCutchen said they have replaced two roofs on the various areas of the church, new carpet, new paint, drywall and ceilings that have been replaced.

"It's progressing right along," McCutchen said. "Of course we are back to having Sunday School. We never did stop having church here. We never missed a Sunday. So that is a blessing. Week by week we get a little more done and get a little closer to back to what the normal is."

On March 14, an EF2 tornado ripped through their church causing crippling damage to part of the facility where a preschool class was with 40 children and 10 staff members. It also took off the roof to the sanctuary as well.

All students and staff survived the tornado without any injuries.

As it sits now, lead pastor Dr. Wes Connor said they are only a couple of weeks away from reopening the daycare wing.

"Now that we have had the construction folks come in for several months, and they are working on restoring the wing of the facility that was the daily preschool facility, as well as, the church offices," Conner mentioned. "We think we are within about two weeks of having that operational again."

As far as the sanctuary, they plan on tearing that part of the building down by the end of September. This will allow them to rebuild a new sanctuary in it's place.

"I think we're deciding we want something a little bigger and nicer," McCuthen said. "We're going to take that down what's there and make plans for something bigger and nicer for the Lord."

Conner said it's great to see their congregation come together and stay strong despite the rebuilding process.

"Truly awesome that we have seen our congregation pull together," Conner said. "We've had numerous new people come into the congregation since the tornado. I think they've seen the spirit of unity. They've seen the spirit of cooperation."

Conner said while getting hit by a tornado is bad, it has brought some good to their congregation in other ways because of it.

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