Crawfish are finding their way into the streets in Alexander County, Ill.

Uninvited guests left after flooding in Alexander County

ALEXANDER COUNTY, Ill. (KFVS) - The historic flooding in Alexander County, Illinois has left behind some uninvited guests.

With all the water gone, the tiny creatures are finding their way into the streets.

Lorilee Declarck said, you can’t miss them. You smell them before you see them.

“It’s kind of a rotten shrimp-old smell,” she said.

Declarck described what they look like at night.

“They look like giant tarantulas in your headlights," Declarck said.

But in the day, you will recognize they are crawfish. But, while the water is gone, the crustaceans are still hanging around.

“You see them everywhere when you are driving," she said.

Due to past flooding, environmental specialist Natalie Govreau said anything impacted by flooding may not be safe to touch.

“Anything like that from flood water we consider to be very contaminated,” Govreau said.

She described the different types of contamination flooding can cause.

“Chemical contamination, bacteria contamination, such as E. coli and salmonella-so we recommend you stay away from it if you can," she said.

Declarck is heeding the advice, but said she occasionally pulls over to take picture of them.

“They kind of raise their hands up like ‘hallelujah!”’ she said.

Govreau says if you do touch anything impacted by flood water make sure you wash your hands properly.

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