Police officers hand out ice cream to boost morale after flooding

McClure, Ill. Officer hand out ice cream

McCLURE, Ill. (KFVS) - Police officers with the McClure Police Department took time out of their day to hand out ice cream to residents.

The officers drove by every home in the community to give every child or adult they saw a sweet treat.

The village there has been through a lot as a major flood damaged many homes in their community over the summer.

“There’s been a lot of flooding,” McClure Police Sargent Jason Leek said. “Obviously this is one of the worst areas for Southern Illinois, along with East Cape. It’s pretty bad for them. It limits what they can do around them.”

"They've been through a lot the majority of the summer. It's either flooding or the removal of sandbags," McClure Police Officer Bruce Agbayani added. "They're not getting their summer like they usually do. We are just trying to put a little light back into their summer as the school year started back up."

The officers said they also did this to boost moral and to show the children that they are there to help.

"We're here to help you. We don't want you to feel afraid to talk to us," Leek said. "We are wanting to promote the positive in why we are here and why our job is here for the community."

The ice cream was courtesy from the Village of McClure City Hall.

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