FEMA starts home damage assessment in Alexander County, Ill.

FEMA home assessment begins in Alexander County

McCLURE, Ill. (KFVS) - FEMA is starting to assess damage at residents from the devastating flood Alexander County, Illinois endured over the spring-summer of 2019.

The team visited homes and were talking with homeowners in the McClure area on Saturday, August 17 where they assessed the exterior of the homes.

"We go to every single door that we've been reported as having water damage, either from a storm, from flooding and seepage from groundwater," FEMA spokesperson Jann Tracey said.

Tracey said they will be assessing more than 200 homes reported to have water damage in Alexander County through the time from of February 24 through July 3.

Alexander County is one of 20 counties around the state they will be assessing for storm damage from the four-plus month time period.

"What we found in many counties is that there is a lot of damage done where the foundation of the home is damaged, cracked and where the walls are damaged," Tracey said. "A lot of homes had so much water that the water damaged the drywall, the carpeting and those kind of things. The infrastructure, the mechanics of the home like the furnace, the air conditioner and the hot water heater and those kinds of things."

The team of four includes a person with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the State Emergency Management Agency, the Small Business Administration and a county official.

FEMA is also assessing damaged homes in Jackson and Union counties.

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