First Alert Thursday Forecast

Brief humidity of strong storms ahead?

First Alert 10pm forecast 8/15

A bit nicer today thanks to slightly lower humidity levels blowing in from the north. Highs this afternoon will range from the mid 80s north to about 90 south….with mainly sunny skies and dew points in the 60s. Tonight should stay quiet and mild, with lows mostly in the 60s. By tomorrow surface winds will begin to swing back around to the south, and humidity levels will begin to rebound. In addition, starting Friday morning and continuing through the weekend, there will be at least a slight chance of thunderstorms. Forecast models continue to show the likelihood of storms complexes developing over the plains and moving east toward our region. While the bulk should stay north, the southern edge of any such complexes could brush the Heartland tomorrow thru the weekend.

Longer term not much change anticipated as an upper ridge holds in place over the southern states. This will likely keep our temps and dew points slightly above average, with only small chances of rain day in and day out. Eventually this may result in problems with lack of rainfall, as some areas have had very little rainfall over the past couple of weeks.

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